Newburyport (MA) Fire Department Seeks to Restore 1938 Pumper

Members hope its 1938 Maxim pumper will be fully refurbished by the end of the year.
Newburyport Fire Department/Facebook

According to The Daily News of Newburyport, Newburyport (MA) Fire Department (NFD) firefighters are looking to restore a 1938 Maxim pumper that once proudly served the city for years.

The restoration efforts had stalled, however, but an appropriation of $78,728 from the city’s Community Preservation Committee could jumpstart the effort. The funds were approved through the Community Preservation Act, which was adopted in 2002. The act allows a two percent surcharge on real estate taxes for preservation projects.

Bids for the restoration have been requested, with a deadline of March 1 for the city to receive and accept the bids.

Engine 3 was purchased new by the city in 1938 and served the city until it was “mothballed” in 2013. In retirement, it has been used for parades and public education events.

The antique apparatus is slated to have a full restoration, which firefighters hope is completed by the of the year. It will then be used as a living piece of history for school programs and civic events.

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