Newark Valley (NY) Fire Apparatus Marks 100th Birthday

People from all over the Southern Tier visited Newark Valley to witness the 100th birthday of one of the oldest fire trucks in the U.S.

Fire departments from the area and beyond showcased their trucks as well.

“The two most important things in a small community are their sports teams and their fire departments. And we try to do things through the community to show that we are out there for them,” said firefighter Ken Schneider.

The truck was built in Detroit, then used in service in Oxford and Norwich before finally arriving to its home in Newark Valley.

“I think it says a lot about all the firemen over the last 50 to 60 years that have been here working on it, and repairing it, and being proud to use it in parades so many times. I think it says a lot about the dedication of the many who appreciated having it,” said Marty Schneider, Newark Valley Resident.

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