New York Firefighter Responding to Call Hits Firefighter

A firefighter responding to a house fire in Herkimer County struck a fellow firefighter with his vehicle Tuesday afternoon, reports

Firefighter Jared R. Thayer, 25, of Little Falls, was driving his 2004 Ford pickup truck toward a house fire on Jerusalem Hill Road in Litchfield when he struck the other firefighter, state troopers said in a news release.

Thayer, who belongs to the Cedarville Fire Department, had his emergency lights activated, and slowed as he came upon the fire and a vehicle parked on the shoulder, police said. Thayer said there was heavy smoke and low visibility in the area.

Just as he drove around the vehicle, he saw a man with a reflective fire coat running toward the shoulder to get out of his way, police said. Thayer was unable to stop before striking the man, police said.

The victim was another Cedarville firefighter, 61-year-old Raymond A. Jones of Winfield. He was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in Utica. He had multiple fractures to his leg and arm, police said.

Thayer was issued a ticket for failure to reduce speed under special hazards.

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