New Web Tool for Emergency Services Organizations

Vancouver, British Columbia – November 9, 201145 Robots Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of TeamConnect, a valuable tool with the capacity to improve communications for emergency service organizations in both emergency and non-emergency situations. 

Conceived by the developers at 45 Robots, TeamConnect was inspired by experience gained through leadership roles in Fire Rescue, EMS, Coast Guard and technical rescue training. Built on a web-based platform, TeamConnect provides subscribers with two primary benefits: 

  1. Allows for the sending of group sms to individually selected contacts or a predefined group of contacts. 
  2. Initiates outbound conference calls at the push of a button, quickly linking individually selected contacts or a pre-defined group of contacts. 

TeamConnect allows users to initiate sms and conference calls via telephone, computer and smartphone; providing amazing flexibility to those in both administrative and field roles. 

TeamConnect allows users to add an unlimited number of contacts to the application. Contacts can then be grouped into custom lists based on any relevant criteria. As an example, members of a Fire Rescue organizations could build individual lists to reflect: administrative personnel, line personnel, rescue team members, ALS staff, chief officers etc. In seconds, conference calls and SMS can be sent to specific groups from almost anywhere via almost any device. 

TeamConnect is currently being used in a life-saving capacity by the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and is quickly replacing old pager technology. Non-profit Pricing: TeamConnect offers a substantial discount to non-profit organizations. 

About 45 Robots Inc. 

45 Robots is a Vancouver, BC. based software development firm specializing in custom application development. From time-to-time, they tackle projects that are near and dear to their hearts – TeamConnect is one such project.

For more information, contact by e-mail at 
or by phone at 1 (888) 256-3009.

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