New Orleans Neighborhood Angry to Lose Fire Apparatus

Fire Department Ladder Truck Five, which serves Uptown New Orleans, goes out of service July 14. Area residents worry they won’t be as safe.

Interim Fire Chief Tim McConnell himself lives near the Arabella Street station, and he said Pumper Truck 15 will still be there. But he said Ladder 5 is going out of service due to a department wide redeployment announced in January following a study of the number of calls for service.

“Makes the fewest calls in the city, both overall calls and fires,” noted McConnell.

“Less doctors, less medical care; less teachers, less education; less firefighters, less fire protection,” said Firefighters Union President Nick Felton. “It’s real simple.”

But area residents and firefighters union leaders point out that the recommended response time for a ladder truck is no more than eight minutes, and they worry that once Ladder 5 goes out of service, it will take longer than that to get the next closest truck to areas like parts of the Tchoupitoulas Corridor.

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