New High-Rise Firefighting Equipment Comes to Houston (TX)

The Houston Fire Department has been given eighty-eight thousand dollars worth of high-rise firefighting equipment and tools. The funding was generously provided by Chevron through The Houston Firefighters Foundation of Houston, according to a recent report from the Cypress Times.

The report states that Houston has more than 400 commercial and residential high-rise buildings.

The list of new equipment includes inline pressure gauges, industrial pipe wrenches, high-rise bags, iron straps, TNT rabbit tools, bolt cutters and vice grips, and assorted other items.

In the article, Joni Baird from Chevron Public Affairs was quoted to say, “Chevron is committed to strengthening the community and enriching lives in Houston and we are proud to provide support to the Houston Fire Department for equipment that will enhance their ability to do their jobs”.

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