New Fountain Hill (AZ) Fire Apparatus in Service Soon

Council members and the public will be able to get a close look at the new truck at Town Hall between 6 and 6:30 p.m. Thursday

The Spartan manufactured truck is a near twin to the last engine purchased by the town in 2009. There is slightly more leg room in the new cab.

The new truck has been in town for several weeks, but the work to get it into service has included completing title paperwork and installing equipment.

Rural/Metro Fleet Services has been busy installing computers and radios as well as setting up compartments to store equipment. The exact timing to get the new truck in service is still undetermined.

The 2009 truck was built to carefully considered specifications for Fountain Hills to enable the truck to move up the town’s hills more easily. That truck has worked extremely well in meeting the needs for the town.

When it came time for another new pumper it was decided to go back to Spartan and have the same type vehicle built.

The truck has a 500-gallon tank to hold water and has built-in equipment to use compressed air foam.

The engine replaces the department’s 1999 American LaFrance pumper, which will remain in service with the department as a back-up engine.

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