New Fire Engines for Orange Beach

After dealing with numerous break downs, the Orange Beach City Council has responded to the Fire & Rescue Department’s request for new apparatus by agreeing to buy two new fire engines.

The upgrades will entail an estimated cost of $678,000. In the last six months the city has spent $13,900 on fire apparatus to repair trucks and engines, according to the fire chief.

The fire chief detailed the following issues: Truck No. 1, a ladder truck with more than 42,000 miles, has multiple electrical issues and since January has been out of service one week per month. And engine No. 2 is a 2000 model with more than 110,000 miles, and is out of service once or twice a week. Engine No. 1 is a 1996 truck used as a reserve vehicle if another truck doesn’t work, and it has 100,000 miles on it and is “under-powered.”

The department averages 2,500 fire and rescue calls a year.

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