New Fire Apparatus Too Heavy for Historic Albany (NY) Fire Station

A new fire engine is too heavy for the floor of Albany Fire Station Number One.

Fire Station Number One in Albany was built 122 years ago. Since it is one of the busiest stations, its crew was slated to get a brand new 750 gallon truck to replace a 500 gallon tank that the crew had been using.

Architects in 1892 designed the station to house a steamer fire truck and horses to carry it, much lighter than modern fire trucks. However, engineers discovered the historic building couldn’t safely handle the weight of the new tank after it had already been purchased.  

Not only was the new truck over the safe weight limit for the floors, but the truck that the station had used for the past nine years was also too heavy by five-percent. 

The current floor has no significant damage, but both trucks have since been taken out so they do not risk the floor caving in.

“There is a basement under here with some structural steel and concrete that holds the floor up, but there is a basement,” said Deputy Fire Chief Frank Nerney.

The station will be using a lighter reserve vehicle, leaving the brand new truck temporarily in the hands of Fire Station Number 10. However, the Albany Fire Chief explained that the reserve vehicle is completely safe in the building and perfectly capable of performing all of the duties of the old engine.

Albany Fire Department Chief Warren Abriel said it will take about $70,000 to reinforce the floor and that it might be until next year before they can find that amount of money in their budget.

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