New Fire Apparatus to Aid Ogdensburg (NY)

A new truck has joined the fleet at the Ogdensburg Fire Department and will be in service within two weeks once training on the vehicle has been completed.

Assistant Fire Chief Ray J. LaRock said the new truck, Engine Three, arrived around Friday, nearly six months after City Council approved borrowing $322,000 for the purchase.

The truck was built by the Iowa-based Toyne company and designed specially for the department’s needs.

LaRock said the new vehicle, which replaces the 36-year-old former Engine Three, will be used primarily on emergency medical service calls.

“It’s designed for the ease of storage of EMS gear,” he said, pointing out the many compartments for stretchers and other equipment on the truck.

Unlike some of the department’s other vehicles, Engine Three is capable of storing nearly all its gear inside, saving some wear and tear and affording more efficient access, LaRock said.

Besides the EMS readiness of Engine Three, the new truck is also equipped with a heated water pump to prevent freezing in the winter, airbags and a chemical broth in the tail pipe that catches harmful emissions to lower its carbon footprint, Mr. LaRock said.

Captain John W. Robinson said the truck also “makes a lot of noise if you don’t have your seal belt on.”

The point, LaRock said, is to keep the firefighters safe while they head out to car accidents, EMS calls and fires. The truck seats six.

There are no touch-screen displays or digital pump read-outs on Engine Three, just good, old-fashion manual switches and analog dials.

“We need to be able to repair things or make things work on scene,” Mr. LaRock said. “We just can’t hook a laptop to it and make it work.”

The new vehicle is fitted with a 750-gallon water tank and is capable of pumping 1,500 gallons a minute from the hydrant.

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