New Fire Apparatus for Somervell County TX

Somervell County Fire Department (TX) took delivery of its new ladder truck. The 2012 Crimson arial tower platform truck, at a cost of $1 million, was delivered from Houston-based Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists where it was outfitted to the specifications of department personnel.

“There is a lot of technology built into the truck,” Josh Slovak, with Metro, said. “There is a full camera system, including a dash camera. When the guys pull up on scene, the can turn the cameras to face the fire.”

The video can be replayed for training purposes and used to assess the scene post-emergency.

The list of new equipment also includes a thermal imager and gas monitor and an array of safety features including a seatbelt monitor and LED lighting that can illuminate a scene at night as bright as daylight.

The custom set up includes a full range of equipment to handle any emergency, including water and rope rescue and extrications that call for the Jaws of Life. It is also equipped for structural, elevator and tench rescues.

The 100-foot bucket topped ladder, is drastically different from the previous straight ladder. The bucket can hold three to four adults if a ground-level rescue is needed. The hydraulic system will also lower the bucket and passengers all the way to the ground.

The bucket is equipped with air, in the case firefighters are in smoke for longer than their 30 minute personal supplies allow.

The truck has a 2,000 gallon per minute pump and two guns that can handle more than 1,000 gallons per minute each.
Slovak said the general life expectancy of the truck is 20 years.

Personnel will not drive the $1 million truck until their are trained on its use this weekend, but they did take the bucket lift for a test drive.

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