New Canaan CT Approves New Apparatus

The New Canaan Town Council (CT) has passed a $610,000 appropriation for a new pumper truck.

The new truck will not arrive in New Canaan for at least another year. Specifications must be worked out and the truck will be custom built. The Fire Department needs a truck light enough that it will not break the concrete floor of the firehouse, and narrow and agile enough that it will be able to fit into New Canaan’s long and sometimes winding¬†driveways.

The Fire Department keeps three pumper trucks on hand. The newest one is the “workhorse” truck, the next newest one is kept in strategic reserve, meaning it only gets used when the primary truck is in use or down for repair. The oldest truck is considered to be in deep reserve. Currently, that third truck, Engine 9, is a retro-1976 model bought second-hand from the Town of Westport for $100.

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