New Bolivar (MO) Fire Apparatus Helps Cut Response Time

Firefighters in Bolivar respond to roughly 1300 calls per year. And now they can get to everything from fires to medical related emergencies even quicker thanks to a brand new fire engine.

“It’s significantly larger than the other engines that we have had in the past,” said James Ludden, Fire Chief for the Bolivar City Fire Department.

“We have such a wide array of calls that we are required to attend to. Engines that were bought in the past we may not have had that need, but the city has grown so we have a different need now,” Ludden explained.

The new Ferrara MVP has all the functions of two previous fire engines combined.

“We don’t have to decide which engine we’re going to take to which type of call,” said Ludden.

“Our 1999 engine used to be the first one we would take out to structure fires but it doesn’t have the storage space for all of our rescue tools or for our motor vehicle accidents,” Ludden explained.

That’s certainly not an issue with the new engine. It has more than 500 square feet of storage space.

“We have several different slide out trays. These trays are compartmentalized with groups of appliances and tools. Here we have different nozzles and forcible entry tools that allow the firefighters and crew members to quickly get off [the truck] and grab the appropriate tools,” explained Adrian Brantley, Deputy Chief of Operations for the Bolivar city Fire Department.

The new engine also has a more functional layout.

“Departments across the country always try to keep their equipment in a state of readiness. With this new setup it will allow us to always maintain all of our equipment in a state of readiness,” said Brantley.

And this pays off in both time and safety for residents of Bolivar and surrounding areas.

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