New Apparatus Arrives in Waterloo (IA)

WATERLOO, Iowa—January 24, 2015—The Fire Department in Waterloo finally retired a 1992 truck thanks to delivery of a brand new apparatus. Fire officials are pleased with the better capabilities of the new truck.

The chief says this new truck is a lot safer and will help serve the community better, and the rescue team is excited to put it to use.

“It’s basically a bigger truck, has better lighting, better safety features, and a larger pump capacity. Because of the logistics of the area 305 serves, we actually end up being on the scene a little longer,” says Lieutenant Bart Samuelson.

The truck is a lot quieter than the old one, and it has better scene lighting too which will help with fires at night.

The fire station covers the east side of downtown to the city limits including elementary schools and major businesses.

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