New Aerial Firefighting System to Debut In AZ Test Drop July 28

San Diego, CA – Caylym Technologies International has announced the scheduled demonstration of new Guardian System, introducing a new capability for fighting wildfires from the air, and particularly at night. Caylym has been refining the product for over two years and it is now ready to deploy on raging fires across the Southwest, pending state government approval. The system was built upon the Precision Container Aerial Delivery System (PCADS) platform, with the first successful test drop out of a C-130 Hercules coming in 2009 by Caylym in central California.

The commercialized Guardian System now boasts a 275 gallon or more than 1,000 liters capacity, which is more than 15 percent larger in volume than earlier PCADS systems. Multiple international government bodies, that use or have access to standard cargo airplanes and helicopters globally, have expressed strong interest in the Guardian System. Driven by international demand for more effective wildfire-fighting solutions, the Guardian System allows federal, state and local governments to fight wildfires safely and cost-effectively, 24 hours a day.

“We are ready to get in the game, and feel that the Guardian System is going to forever change the way wildfires are fought,” said Rick Goddard, Managing Director, Caylym. “The ever increasing wildfire crisis globally and the devastation to people’s lives, the destruction to property and the environment is why our team has invested in developing a safe, effective and affordable alternative. The Guardian system is the solution which stands ready to take back the night from these wildfires that rage unchecked all night destroying our homes and our environment.”

“We are collaborating with Caylym because we believe in their mission and their technical abilities to provide a superior system” says Anthony Garcia, General Manager of International Paper’s California Bulk Packaging operation. “The innovation that their system enabled almost any cargo plane and can be precision dropped using GPS 24 hours a day makes a lot of sense when you consider that these wildfires are a huge environmental concern and we are proud to be working with Caylym to provide a long-term sustainable solution for the production of our part of the Guardian System.”

Key facts about Caylym’s Guardian System:

  • Can be used by almost any common cargo aircraft with rear ramps, including most commonly the C-130 Hercules military cargo planes and also cargo helicopters.
  • Because of flexibility of deployment, the system can be dropped at night using GPS precision from a safe altitude flying a level profile to the target.
  • International Paper has collaborated as a key strategic partner, and will produce the corrugated delivery containers based on the proven SpaceKraft® bulk packaging design and TriWall® heavy duty corrugated components.
  • The Guardian System is a cost-effective way to increase the air support to the wildfire fighting community.
  • Guardian System’s versatility allows it to be easily configured to support reforestation and disaster recovery as needed

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