National Preparedness Month: Fire Corps in Home Safety

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM), a time to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, business, and communities. The theme for NPM 2011 is “A Time to Remember. A Time to Prepare.” Take advantage of this opportunity to make sure your department, Fire Corps team, and community are prepared for all types of emergency situations.

This week, the
National Volunteer Fire Council and Fire Corps are highlighting the role that Fire Corps teams can play in home safety. Home is a place you and your community should feel safe. Fire Corps members can play a vital role in home safety in your community by conducting checks and providing resources to lessen hazards and alleviate potential risks in a household.

Fire Corps teams can work with their departments to implement a home safety check program in the community. Members can utilize the
Home Safety Checklist, which provides a basic, step-by-step approach to fit a number of household situations. It identifies hazards you should look for inside and outside the home to prevent fire and other emergency situations from arising. Ensuring households have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, an escape plan for their family, and an emergency supply kit are a few recommendations to improve your community’s home safety.

Fire Corps has partnered with First Alert to provide free smoke alarms to registered Fire Corps programs. Through this donation program, registered Fire Corps teams can request up to 12 dual sensor smoke alarms, or 24 photo smoke alarms, or 24 ion smoke alarms to install in the community. To request smoke alarms for your community, please fill out the Smoke Alarm Request Form found on the
Fire Corps web site. If your department’s auxiliary support program is not registered with Fire Corps, register for free at to access this and other home safety and fire prevention resources.

Utilize the Home Safety Checklist and Fire Alert smoke alarm donation program to help prevent disasters and ensure your community, your fire department, and your Fire Corps team are ready in case an emergency does strike.

Fire Corps is currently developing a phone app that will assist Fire Corps teams, departments, and community members in conducting home safety checks. Stay tuned to the Fire Corps web site and E-update in the coming weeks for more information about this new home safety tool.

Find additional information and resources for National Preparedness Month at and

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