Nashville (TN) Adds 13 Fire Apparatus to Fleet

Nashville Megan Barry dedicated 13 new fire engines Friday morning. The trucks will replace one third of the city’s aging fleet.

City leaders allocated more than $5.4 million two years ago to purchase the new equipment.

“This has been about two years in the making, putting this together. Takes about a year, or so, to spec out an engine and get it ordered, and built,” said Mike Franklin, a deputy director with the Nashville Fire Department.

City leaders allocated the money for the purchase two years ago, and the Deputy Director said the trucks could not have arrived fast enough.

“They just wear out. There’s nothing more to it than that. It’s not like it’s bad equipment, or cared for badly, it just wears out,” Franklin explained.

The President of Nashville Firefighters Union IAFF Local 140 said the new trucks are a promising start.

“There’s still work to do. We still got some aging equipment that still needs to be replaced, and some ladder trucks, and some ambulances,” Mark Young said.

The Union President said he hears from firefighter everyday about the issues the city’s aging fire equipment has caused.

Young is confident Mayor Berry will continue to work with the department  to meet its equipment needs.

The new fire engines are part of an overall $6.5 million capital appropriation that also included seven new ambulances that are already in service.

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