Nashville Fire Station Without Key Fire Apparatus for Two Days

A Nashville fire station was without a key piece of equipment for two days, and some firefighters say the missing truck put people and property at risk.

According to Mark Young, the people living in an Inglewood neighborhood wouldn’t have had adequate protection if a fire had broken out in the area because a fire engine was moved to a Madison station to replace one of their engines that was broken down.

Assistant Fire Chief Ricky White said that is only partially correct. He admitted the Inglewood department didn’t have a fire engine on hand for two days but said one was available literally minutes away.

White said it’s just a fact they have to deal with — Nashville has an aging fleet of fire trucks in its 39 stations.

An upgrade plan is in the works, with nearly a dozen new, high-tech fire trucks expected within a year. That’s a $5 million commitment to upgrading the fleet, but in the meantime, White said they’ll do their best to keep things up and running the best they can.

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