Nashua NH Fire Apparatus Loses Wheel on Way to Call

A Nashua (NH) fire truck responding to a call lost its front driver’s side wheel as it turned out of the fire station.

“Engine 4 was responding to an incident on West Pearl Street for reported smoke in building when they exited¬† the station and there was an apparent mechanical failure,” said Chief Karl P. Gerhard who commended the operator for keeping the vehicle out of oncoming traffic.

Gerhard said Engine 4, a 2004 truck, is the second oldest apparatus in service to the city. The truck had been out on several calls earlier in the day with no sign of a problem.

“These trucks are inspected quarterly, so until we go through a complete investigation at the shop and go through the parts and find out what happened, we can’t know what really happened here,” Gerhard said.

Another engine responded to the West Pearl Street call, which was not serious, and turned out to be an oil heater malfunction.

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