Nanaimo (Canada) Fire Apparatus Blends Tech and History

Courtesy of Fire Department

Nanaimo Fire Rescue’s new addition to its fleet incorporates the latest technology, but bears a paint scheme that harkens back to the city’s coal mining and firefighting history, reports BC Local News.

The $1.56-million aerial ladder truck is currently being run through its paces as the firefighters who will operate it go through familiarization training on it before it enters service in early August.

The truck’s ladder is also 35 feet (11m) longer than the one on the 1999 Spartan aerial/pumper it’s replacing, but its chassis length, about 42 feet, is not much longer than a regular pumper truck’s. Compared to Nanaimo Fire Rescue’s largest aerial truck with a 100-foot ladder – a Pierce purchased in 2010 – the new vehicle is lighter and easier to manoeuvre into tight locations.

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