Mundelein (IL) Antique Fire Apparatus Gets Attention

A special committee will oversee the preservation and maintenance of Mundelein’s antique fire truck.

The village board on Monday created the committee for the Old No. 1 truck, a 1925 Stoughton that was required by the town and restored a few years ago.

The group will have 11 members, one of whom will be Fire Chief Tim Sashko. The 10 other members will be volunteers who are local residents, work at local businesses, are firefighters or are retired firefighters.

The truck had been given to the village in 1925 by Roman Catholic Cardinal George Mundelein, in gratitude for naming the town in his honor. The truck remained in service until 1945, and it repeatedly changed hands in the ensuing years.

A retired Mundelein firefighter saved the truck from a scrap pile in 1994. The same ex-firefighter restored the truck, which made its return to Mundelein in 2009 as part of the village’s centennial celebration.

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