Muncie (IN) Showcases New Fire Apparatus

A new Muncie Fire Department (IN) truck was used just three weeks after delivery from a dealer in New Orleans.

The red 2013 Ferrara fire truck and its 100-foot bucket ladder were used to aid firefighters as they extinguished a fire on the roof of the Ball State Heat and Chill Plant.

Muncie Fire Chief Eddie Bell said the truck wasn’t supposed to go into service until Aug. 2, but allowed its early debut late Friday afternoon after Battalion Chief Mark Adams reported the department’s older ladder trucks — which only extend up to 75 feet — weren’t able to get high enough to properly get rid of remaining hot spots.

Bell said the truck was acquired on a five- or six-year lease at about $848,000.

“We bought this truck especially for Ball State and the buildings like they have on campus here, and it’s already working out perfectly,” the chief said. “This is just what we needed to deal with the campus area out here.”

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