Multi-Gas Detector Is New From Sperian

Biosystems PHD6
The Biosystems PHD6

The Biosystems PHD6 is a new multi-gas detector from Sperian Instrumentation, part of Sperian Fire.

It senses and identifies many different gases and volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, diesel, alcohol and thousands of chemicals. It has five sensor ports, up to six channels of detection, and over 20 sensor options including PID and Infrared.

Sperian said the PHD6 was built to be reliable and sophisticated, as well as easy to use with minimal training. Day-to-day detector operations are controlled through a single mode button, according to the company, and a status bar on the display gives users real time readings, including time and calibration status. Built-in menus allow advanced users to configure the detector in the field.

The PHD6 is constructed of an engineered polycarbonate frame with a rubber overmold, making it durable. Power for up to 24 hours comes from interchangeable alkaline (3 AA) or Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs. A manual sample draw kit is included, and a motorized sample draw pump is available.

New to most fire departments is an accompanying express dock, the IP6. The dock logs data, calibrates common PHD6 configurations and self-tests in less than a minute. Sperian said it simplifies procedures and saves on the cost of calibration gas.

An IP6 is often used with several PHD6 detectors, according to the company, and IP6 docks at several stations can be tied into a central computer for consolidated record-keeping.

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