MTECH Enhances QTAC Mobile All-Terrain Firefighting Systems

CHICO, CA—MTECH, a fabricator of firefighting equipment, has launched its QTAC product line—a series of lightweight fire suppression systems built for ATVs, UTVs, and light-duty pick-up trucks. “The QTAC is designed to get into remote areas that are difficult to access with a full-size fire engine,” says Tom Black, founder and CEO of MTECH. “They can be used by private land owners, prescribed-burn foresters, fire service personnel or anyone looking for an added level of fire protection.” MTECH has enhanced the performance of the QTAC’s water tank with Vycom’s copolymer, called Hitec.

Black says, “The tank material is approximately one-third the weight of steel, which makes a huge difference when dealing with vehicles that have a limited payload capacity. It is extremely durable, even when subjected to large fluctuations in ambient temperature.” MTECH is able to apply decal graphics to the copolymer material, so they’ve essentially branded their tanks with a custom color combination. This gives the systems a unique look that is immediately recognizable.

Fire service customers require a durable product, but they are also concerned about flame-resistance and chemical corrosion in the equipment they use.  “The Hitec copolymer is highly flame resistant,” explains Black.  “The way we explain it to our customers is that the tires and many other parts of the truck would melt before the copolymer was affected. This material can withstand temperatures exceeding 500 degrees and is self-extinguishing.  It also stands up to corrosive fire retardant chemicals.”

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