MSA FireHawk M7 Responder

MSA says its new FireHawk M7 Responder provides uniquely versatile protection because it can be quickly transformed into an air-purifying respirator (APR) or a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) for use in CBRN environments.

To convert the SCBA to APR or PAPR, the proper canister and breathing tube must be attached to a port on the facepiece. When the SCBA cylinder valve is closed, facepiece valves convert to an air-purifying mode through the APR or PAPR canister. Inhaled air is drawn through the canister, which removes, neutralizes and/or traps specific contaminates. Exhaled air leaves through the facepiece exhalation valve.

The air mask carrier, harness and cylinder may be removed, but the MMR regulator must always be connected to the inlet adapter to seal the facepiece inlet port.

The PAPR provides respiratory protection for up to eight hours.

For information, call 1-877-MSA-FIRE or go to

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