Mountain Home (AR) Fire Department Looking for Takers for Its 104′ Ladder Truck

The 1984 Grumman Aerialcat. Photo via

The Mountain Home (AR) Fire Department (MHFD) is ready to part ways with its 1984 Grumman Aerialcat 104-foot ladder truck, but the department has not found anyone willing to take the apparatus, reports

MHFD is expecting a refurbished 2015 Sutphen ladder truck in July from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Union Grove, Ala. Once that apparatus arrives, MHFD will take the Grumman, part of the department’s fleet since 1987, out of service.

Brindlee Mountain employees will then take the Grumman back to Alabama upon delivery of the Sutphen and attempt to sell it for $5,000 on behalf of the city. Officials say if no buyer is found after 30 days Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus will most likely begin selling off individual parts to any Grumann Aerielcats still in service.

Grumman Emergency Products closed in 1992, making replacement parts difficult to find for the Aerialcat. When the Sutphen was purchased in May 2020, it was believed that the department’s Aerialcat was one of only three still on duty in the United States.

In addition, the Aerialcat weighs 67,000 pounds—thus it can’t be driven on public roadways unless it is being used as an emergency vehicle.

The 2015 Sutphen had been in service with a fire department in New York until earlier this year; it’s in the process of being refurbished and repainted. Officials will inspect the truck in early July and expect to have it in Mountain Home around July 10.

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