Thieves Steal Mortar from Tennessee Fire Station Construction Site

Hampton Valley Forge (TN) Volunteer Fire/Facebook Photo

Members of the Hampton Valley Forge (TN) Volunteer Fire Department say the theft of 12 bags of expensive mortar mix has set back construction of a new fire station, according to a report published by WJHL 11.

The television station reported the mortar mix was taken from the site of the department’s third station, a project that broke ground in May after 20 years of planning.

The department said on its Facebook page that someone reported a vehicle parked on the construction site at about 6 am on Tuesday, Sept. 7, but by the time police arrived the vehicle and 12 bags of mortar were gone. The value of the mortar is reported at about $90 per bag.

The television station said General Shale is donating mortar to the project which firefighters said was already on a tight budget.

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