Moniteau County (CA) Residents to Vote on Fire District Tax Increase

Moniteau County voters will make a decision on the first tax levy increase in the history of the California Rural Fire Protection District in the upcoming April 7 election, reports California Democrat.

The National Fire Protection Association’s standards on hoses dictate they should be scrapped and replaced if they were made in 1990 or older — there’s still hose on CRFD trucks from 1960, since it costs $250,000 to replace. The bunker gear firefighters wear when fighting fires should be replaced every five to 10 years at a cost of $11,000 per person, as another example. Another part of the uniform, self-contained breathing apparatuses, should be replaced every 15 years at a cost of around $8,000. Even proper medical first responder training — since CRFD volunteers also respond to medical calls — can cost thousands the District is simply unable to afford reliably.

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