Mobile Oxygen Supply Apparatus

Breathing Air System’s Mobile Oxygen Supply (MOS) brings stored ready-to-use oxygen to the emergency scene, plus an oxygen generator able to supply an additional 2,400 cubic feet of USP93 oxygen per day. Now interruptions in electric power won’t deprive your community of emergency oxygen. The system is housed in an 18-foot tandem-axle trailer, with six H-size oxygen storage cylinders. The unit boasts a protected inside work area with lighting, heating and air conditioning, a work bench, and built-in cabinets for storage.

There is an automatic air exchange in the trailer that starts when the system is turned on and an ambient oxygen monitor, for an added level of safety for personnel. The oxygen generator is powered with a built-in 12-kW Onan generator, with remote start and automatic transfer switch, or through a 25-foot shoreline (provided). D and E cylinders are filled in an NFPA-compliant two-position containment-style fill station. The apparatus arrives at the scene with the storage cylinders full, carrying 1800 cubic feet of USP93 oxygen for immediate fills. Then the oxygen generator goes to work, rapidly refilling the storage cylinders or providing direct fills where necessary.

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