Mobile Concepts Debuts New Generation SCOTTY Fire Safety House

Mt Pleasant, PA – “It is almost impossible to not take notice of this new safety house,” explains Mobile Concepts general manager Henri Degre. “The exterior alone is enticing. Once you get inside and the programs starts, you forget that you’re in a fire safety trailer, and that’s the point. It transforms the environment and engages you to the point that you feel like you’re really living the experience.”

The i-SCOTTY Fire Safety House was designed to make learning fire safety and prevention more hands on and interactive. By engaging the audience with live and life-like special effects in the kitchen stage, the experience becomes more like a performance than a lesson.

Mobile Concepts is the manufacturer of the original fire safety house and has more than 1,500 models in use worldwide. The approach has always been hands-on learning, but the i-SCOTTY takes that approach to a new level with touch screen operation, audience interaction with the on-screen character to allow for ample opportunities for instructor guided education, reactionary special effects with the Q and A session, stimulating décor and special effects that engage the senses.

Your eyes focus on a smoky atmosphere, and lights of varying intensity set the overall mood to guide you through the performance.

As the musical score lowers, your ears catch audio cues that tell you something is catching fire in the oven. As the fire’s intensity builds, you can actually feel the temperature rise in the “kitchen,” especially when the instructor mistakenly opens the oven door and the fire flares up dangerously.

Mobile Concepts Debuts New Generation SCOTTY Fire Safety HouseWith a turn of the knob, a stove top burner ignites under a pan emitting sounds of frying oil, and eventually you see smoke and stove top flames to imitate a grease fire.

Demonstrating proper technique, the instructor places a cookie sheet over the pan before turning off the burner and directing the attention to the monitor mounted over the stove playing an informative video.

An instructor-operated touch screen controls a Q and A session, developed by accredited sources, to reinforce proper procedure in each kitchen situation with special effects associated to the answer.

Educators at FRI whom toured the i-SCOTTY Fire Safety House commented about the effectiveness of this type of interactive learning environment saying that the technology in this fire safety trailer exceeds anything they’ve seen before.

The i-SCOTTY Fire Safety House is available for purchase on the company’s GSA schedule and is eligible for funds through the Fire Prevention and Safety grant. Interested customers can tour the i-SCOTTY at Mobile Concepts in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, located 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

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