Midwest Fire Customers Converge on Scene to Battle Grain Elevator Fire

Midwest Fire apparatus

During a nearly three-day fire caused by re-flash, 58 fire departments from areas surrounding Northrop (MN) aided in combatting the fire by volunteering their apparatus and manpower. More than 20 of the responding departments used equipment from Midwest Fire Equipment & Repair Company (Midwest Fire).

“Every day our team works diligently to build firefighting apparatus that will be used to protect communities all over the United States and Canada,” said Midwest Fire CEO and Owner Sarah Atchison. “Unfortunately, this fire was very near to us. We never want something as horrible as this fire to occur, but it gives us great comfort knowing that 26 of our apparatus were there on-site providing aid to extinguish this blaze. We thank God no one was hurt and that when called upon, the Midwest Fire apparatus helped our local heroes get home safely.  In the history of our company, this is the most of our apparatus ever assembled to combat a large fire. We are thankful, when called upon, our equipment did exactly what we created them to do.”

Just before noon on Thursday, December 28th, 2017, an explosion caused by grain dust igniting took place at the LB Pork grain bin in Northrop, Minn. Three local fire departments initially succeeded in suppressing the fire after several hours. At 5:45 the following morning, the building re-flashed and was fully engulfed upon arrival. Response from the numerous fire departments lasted 62 hours from start to finish in temperatures as low as -16 without wind chill. Nearly four million gallons of water were pumped into the fire to suppress and control the situation. There were no significant injuries during the initial explosion or the following re-flash.

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