Midlothian Fire Department TX Orders New Fire Apparatus

The Midlothian Fire Department (TX) has ordered three new fire trucks from Pierce Manufacturing Company. The new trucks are expected in July to serve as replacements in the aging fleet.

The plan is for the newest engine, a 2007 model, will be placed as a reserve and the others from 1990, 1996 and 2003 will be sold back to the dealer. The sale is expected to generate $100,000 which will go toward the purchase of new equipment to be placed on one of the new trucks.

The new trucks will feature a black over red paint scheme, black painted wheels and a new door decal that incorporates some of the department’s history. The decal will feature a Maltese cross with Midlothian Fire Department printed on it and might feature a pair of crossed axes. In smaller letters it will read “W.W. Majors 1906.”

W.W. Majors was a philanthropist who lived in Midlothian and purchased the first mechanized fire apparatus, a 1918 Model-T Howe fire truck, that was operated by the W.W. Major Fire Company.

The city decided to purchase the three fire trucks outright with a tax note, which had a lower interest rate of 1.5 percent. Each truck will be purchased for around $585,000 with an extended warranty.

For more information, view www.waxahachietx.com

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