Mexico National Forestry Selects Darley

When the National Forestry of Mexico went out to bid on 22 vehicles recently, they selected Quiroga with the Darley HE250 42K. Driven by a Kubota engine, these wildland vehicles deliver pump-and-roll performance in a compact package that is suitable for firefighting in the rough Mexican terrain.

Quiroga Fire Trucks of Mexico, a family business, has represented Darley for over 15 years and is the largest fire apparatus builder in Mexico. The company builds a complete line of customized vehicles for the fire apparatus and emergency markets.

According to Juan Antonio Quiroga, President of Quiroga Fire Trucks, “Everything went perfect. They were very impressed with our overall quality but also the performance from the front monitors. We’re proud of our relationship with Darley over the years and appreciate all the engineering support when needed.”

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