Metz Aerial Apparatus in Service in Britain

The Avon Fire & Service Rescue Service in England recently received two identical Metz aerial ladders from the compact L27 series. This means that Metz Aerials has succeeded in re-entering the aerials segment British fire industry market, thereby augmenting other Rosenbauer products such as the Panther ARFF, which are already in service with British firefighting units. Metz customers in the UK are supplied with all-round service and after sales support through cooperation with a local partner.

The two fully automatic L27 aerial ladders (working height 27m) were built on MAN TGM 15.290 forward control chassis with road drive (4×2) and not only correspond with the DLAK 18-12 DIN standard, but also conform with British design standards, which for example require that all handles are painted luminous yellow for safety reasons. The two aerial ladders for Avon are also fully equipped with the very latest LED technology.

A further special feature of the two identical vehicles is the support pad lighting, which was newly designed for this project. The lights are mounted on the pad’s proven, infinitely adjustable horizontal-vertical supports with integrated supportive force measurement. They thus illuminate the working area around the aerial and greatly enhance the safety of the firefighters. Owing to their compact design, small dimensions and yellow reflective applications, the highly functional aerials also have a most attractive optical appearance.

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