Metchosin (B.C., Canada) Fire Department to Spend C$100k on New Apparatus

Council officials recently approved the Metchosin (B.C., Canada) Fire Department spending C$100,000 to buy a new truck to replace the broken-down current Battallion 1 truck, reports

An accident caused damage to the apparatus, but repairs wouldn’t make financial sense—and it was scheduled to be replaced in 2022 regardless, the report says.

The department has been using other municipal vehicles, such as the building inspector’s truck, but they’re not up to standards.

Council reassigned capital funding from the 2021 budget to allow the fire department to start looking for a suitable vehicle immediately, the report says. Given the approved price range, the department has been eyeing a Ford F-150.

Council’s decision comes with an amendment saying that $80,000 will be spent on the initial cost with the rest going toward equipment.

Department staff aims to find the best deal for John Q. Taxpayer with regards to insurance claims on the old apparatus.

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