Memphis (MI) Plans to Purchase Refurbished Fire Apparatus

When Memphis Fire Chief Justen Diaz realized the time for replacing his main fire engine was closing in quickly, he decided to be proactive and the search began for a replacement.

“We knew the department would be needing a new truck soon so we started looking around and found one in Pennsylvania,” Diaz said. “This refurbished one is $75,000 but a new truck would be about $350,000.”

At a special meeting of the Memphis City Council March 20, officials addressed a request from Diaz and the fire department truck committee to consider purchasing the refurbished truck. Diaz told officials that the truck committee reviews each vehicle and makes a recommendation to the fire department as to when it should be sold.

The department’s main truck, known as R1, will be 20 years old in 2016, and once it reaches that age it has to be refurbished. Keeping that in mind, Diaz found a 1995 fire engine that had been refurbished in 2007 at a cost of $75,000.

Diaz said two firefighters from the department drove to Pennsylvania to inspect the truck and make sure it would be in the best interest of the department to purchase it. The truck has 19,000 miles and 1,700 hours on its engine.

All the equipment from Memphis’ R1 truck and possibly a second truck will fit inside the new truck making it possible to sell both older model city trucks.

Diaz stated that he would like to utilize the fire department’s equipment replacement fund to purchase the truck. He noted that he believes they can get $40,000 for their R1 truck and possibly the same amount for their second truck.

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