Medford (MA) to Acquire New Fire Apparatus

The Medford City Council (MA) unanimously approved borrowing $950,000 for two new water-pumping engines for the fire department.

The loan request came on the heels of three fire trucks breaking down in one week, an event that led City Councilor Paul Camuso to ask what the city will do if a “perfect storm” occurs again and several pieces of apparatus go down at once.

Fire Chief Frank A. Giliberti Jr. responded he does not expect the rare event from earlier this month to repeat itself, adding it was the first time in his 15 years as fire chief that so many pieces went down at once.

Mayor Michael J. McGlynn also countered criticism the Fire Department lacks a full-time mechanic. He said the mechanic “on loan” from the Department of Public Works repairs and maintains fire vehicles on a full-time basis.

The mayor added he does not believe the city needs an outside vendor on call to repair fire vehicles because the city can handle its own repair needs.

Also, after much debate, the City Council voted to table a request to start a reserve list for hiring new firefighters.

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