Meadville Central (PA) Fire Department Apparatus Knocks Down Light Pole

A Meadville Central (PA) Fire Department truck carrying 21 high-school cheerleaders on top of its ladder Saturday knocked over a light pole as it backed into the station on its return from the Meadville Halloween Parade, reports

No injuries were reported, the report says. A new light pole is being ordered, and the apparatus’ bucket and ladder will have to be recertified. The cost of those repairs will come from the department’s budget.

The city-owned pole was hit at 7:13 p.m., the report says. As the aerial, returning from the Halloween parade, backed into the station driveway from Park Avenue, the passenger-side rear section—where the bucket is located—struck the pole and knocked it over. The truck finished parking, and all passengers exited unscathed.

In addition to the driver, some passengers, and the 21 cheerleaders on top, several other people were on the truck’s exterior: a firefighter and another passenger in the bucket and one person on the side.

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