MCFR Receives Two New E-ONE Aerial Fire Trucks

OCALA, FL—With only one aerial in its current fleet, Marion County (FL) Fire Rescue (MCFR) is excited to add two new E-ONE HP78 ladder trucks to its 38-truck fleet to better serve a growing community.

“We’re proud that MCFR is able to provide the citizens of Marion County with increased firefighting capabilities by adding the HP 78 ladders to our fleet while at the same time supporting an outstanding local business,” says MCFR Fire Chief Stuart McElhaney.

Division Chief Bart Walker is also excited to have the new aerials in service.

“We’ve got a large county, and we needed an aerial that was able to navigate tight urban areas,” Division Chief Walker states. “E-ONE worked diligently with us to meet our needs.”

MCFR teamed up with E-ONE to customize two HP 78-foot ladders, adding center hose beds to allow more wall space and maximum compartment storage. The department also selected the short-jack option for the new aerial ladders, making these trucks ideal for set-up in narrow spaces. The new aerials also feature LED ladder climbing lights and extensive, high-tech lighting packages.

“Because these trucks can serve as aerials with the firefighting capabilities of pumpers; they’re the best of both worlds,” Walker says.

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