McAllen (TX) Donates Fire Apparatus to Reynosa

A McAllen fire truck, manufactured in 1989 by the Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. of Snyder (NE), has been donated by the City Commission donated the vehicle to Reynosa’s municipal government instead.

“What we do with them is we typically auction them and get pennies for them,” Fire Chief Ralph Balderas said. “Or we donate them to our sister cities.”

Unlike the McAllen Fire Department, which deploys seven fire trucks citywide and maintains a four-unit reserve, Reynosa’s municipal government owns just three fire trucks, which must protect a much larger city – without relying on fire hydrants.

Reynosa’s newest fire truck was built in 1990, said Carlos Leal Lopez, who heads the Reynosa Office of Civil Protection.

“They don’t quite have the budget that we do over here,” said Mayor Jim Darling, adding that McAllen wouldn’t have received much at auction.

“We’d probably get a couple thousand dollars for it.”

Rather than collect a pittance at auction, the City Commission decided to bolster Reynosa’s tiny firefighting fleet, Darling said, and support the neighboring city.

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