Maysville (OK) Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

All three Garvin County county commissioners voted to approve the purchase of a pumper truck for the department in need of a fully equipped vehicle for fires igniting outside of Maysville’s city limits.

The action gives the green light to enter into a financing plan for the truck, which will be paid for by a quarter cent county sales tax split equally among the dozen fire departments in Garvin County.

Most of those departments, like the one in Maysville, are operated by volunteers.

Joe Caldwell, fire chief of Maysville’s volunteer fire department, said this move will fill a void, especially when the call goes out for a fire in the rural areas.

Commissioners followed Caldwell’s recommendation to accept not only the lowest but best of the two bids submitted for the pumper truck.

“I would prefer the Deep South bid,” Caldwell said, referring to the Deep South Equipment Company from Mississippi.

The accepted bid was for just under $270,000 as a five-year financing plan will allow for the acquisition of the new pumper truck, which could be a 2014 or 2015 model.

The truck will allow Maysville firefighters to haul 3,000 gallons of water.

 Caldwell said the new truck will be able to pump around 1,250 gallons of water a minute.
 That compares to 750 gallons each minute for a truck now used. In fact, the vehicle now being used is awkward and really isn’t a pumper truck, he added.

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