Manhattan Beach (CA) Donates Fire Apparatus to El Camino College

The Manhattan Beach Fire Department recently donated a retired 1989 Emergency One Hush fire engine to the Fire Academy at El Camino College to replace an aging fleet of engines built in the 1970s.

Scott Hafdell, an instructor at the Fire Academy and Manhattan Beach Fire Captain, said “In addition to this donated fire engine, the College has two newer fire engines, as well. These vehicles, although more than 20 years old, were designed with newer safety features, including enclosed cabs and breathing apparatus mounted in the seat backs. This allows the students to perform fire ground operations in a more realistic environment and better prepare themselves for their careers in the fire service.”

The donated fire engine was prominently displayed at the Fire Academy during the recent graduation ceremonies of Academy Class #135. Graduates use this training to certify as California State Fire Firefighter Level 1.

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