Manchester (NJ) Council Approves Fire Apparatus

Manchester Township is set to upgrade its firefighting capabilities, after the Township Council gave approval on first reading of a $1.5 million bond ordinance to purchase a new fire truck.

The ordinance appropriates $1,515,000, including a $75,750 deposit, according to the copy of the draft included with the agenda. The principal amount of the bonds will be $1,439,250, according to the ordinance.

The platform aerial fire truck that is being ordered will replace one currently in the township with the Manchester Township Volunteer Fire Company, Mayor Kenneth T. Palmer said. That truck is 27 years old and has outlived its useful life span, which is about 25 years, he said.

“It is extremely important for the township to ensure we are equipped for emergencies,” Palmer said. “Our volunteers do a great job and we have to make sure they are prepared with the proper equipment. This truck allows us to be ready and will be so for the next 25 plus years.”

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