Man Suffered Serious Injuries After Being Pinned by Clymer VFD Fire Apparatus

A Lancaster-area (PA) man suffered serious injuries when he was pinned under the ladder of a fire truck at the Clymer Volunteer Fire Department on Monday afternoon.

Mike Keith, safety officer at the Clymer fire department, said the truck was undergoing its yearly recertification as required by the department’s insurance carrier. The rigger that supports the truck failed, causing the truck to tip onto the victim, according to reports. The man, who was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital, is the only one who knows the full circumstances.

“At this point, the only person who knew what was going on was the victim,” Keith said by phone. “No one else saw it.”

Indiana County 911 put a call out to Clymer firefighters to respond to their station along Sherman Street at 2:51 p.m. The Cherryhill Township fire department, Citizens’ Ambulance and a medical helicopter were also dispatched.

The victim was conducting the required annual inspection of the fire department’s 1977 American LaFrance aerial rig. It had been inspected last year, Keith said.

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