Man Killed by San Antonio TX Fire Apparatus Ruled Heavily Intoxicated

An autopsy report has concluded that a man who was struck and killed by a San Antonio (TX) volunteer fire department truck last year was heavily intoxicated, with more than three times the legal limit of alcohol allowed to drive in his system.

Robert Esquivel Jr., 23, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.259 grams per deciliter in December, when he was hit while lying in an unlit street in rural Bexar County.

There was also cocaine and morphine in his system, the report reveals.

According to the report, Esquivel attended a party nearby and left after getting angry. Someone then called 911 to report an injured person was lying on the road, and two Emergency Service District 5 firefighters scoured the sides of the foggy road from inside of a Ford F-550 truck.

The truck was travelling at 40 mph then struck Esquivel, who was “in a fetal position, in the center of the road,” apparently asleep, an investigative report states. He was taken for medical treament, where he then died. The death was ruled an accident.

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