Man Rams Spokane (WA) Fire Station, Steals Wildland Rig

Spokane County (WA) Fire Department Station 98 was damaged after a man allegedly rammed into the back of the station several times with a vehicle, according to report published by KREM2.

Two brush trucks stationed inside the building were damaged as well and the suspect allegedly stole a fire department Jeep after he made entry to the station, the television station reported.

When Spokane police officer arrived on the scene, he noticed the damaged building and heard an engine revving inside the fire station, KREM2 reported.  Shortly after, the suspect, Aaron P. Kaemuongmul, 45, drove the fire department Jeep through the north door and into the fire station parking lot just as a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office sergeant arrived on the scene, the TV station reported.

The suspect attempted to elude police by driving the fire department vehicle into a field behind the station. Police vehicles were rammed and damaged as officers successfully stopped the suspect in the field and arrested the man, the station reported.

More than $50,000 damage to the building and vehicles was reported, the station reported and the suspect was charged with first-degree burglary for breaking into the fire station, second-degree assault for ramming the police vehicles, first-degree malicious mischief, four-counts of second-degree malicious mischief, third-degree malicious mischief and theft of a motor vehicle. After receiving medical treatment, he was booked into the Spokane County jail, according to the TV station.

A total of three fire vehicles and the patrol car were removed from the scene for inspection and repair, the station reported.

No motive was given for the actions.

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