Man Attempts to Donate Fire Truck to Detroit (MI)

Joe Rippolone is attempting to donate a restored fire truck to the Fire Department of the city of Detroit, Michigan. Unfortunately, Rippolone, a local entrepreneur, has seen a series of obstacles making it impossible to carry his act of generosity to completion. He has invested approximately $150,000 into the restoration of the vehicle, according to a report from

The report quoted Rippolone to say, “It cost a lot of money to rebuild and retool this truck to the shape we have it in right now. Just the tires alone, 20 ply tires, they’re about a thousand dollars each.”

Detroit Fire Commissioner Don Austin told MyFOXDetroit,”The fire department wants it, but we have been waiting on approval from the mayor’s office for three weeks now.

Rippolone added,”This truck needs to be on the road saving lives, and we could get other equipment, too.”

Read more about this story HERE.


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