Makeshift Firehouse Made of Tents Not Properly Protecting Sea Bright (NJ) Fire Apparatus

A makeshift firehouse in Sea Bright is not sufficiently protecting the town’s fire truck, officials say.

The tent was put up as a temporary fix after the borough’s regular firehouse was condemned due to Sandy damage last month. It is meant to keep heat trapped inside, but wind blowing the vinyl sides up is causing water in the truck’s pipes to freeze. 

Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Read Murphy says all they can do is hope for warmer temperatures. “This thing is definitely not working and it’s not going to work,” he says.

Cracks emerged in the original building more than a year after Sandy. The borough’s other two firetrucks are being kept in Long Branch and Highlands.  

Everything that was inside the building was taken out, including an ambulance and fire equipment now packed in storage containers.

First aid equipment stored under the tent also got wet and damaged.  

Murphy says the response time to fires will not be an issue and fire trucks will still arrive within three to five minutes. “Don’t worry, our coverage is just as strong as it’s been all the way around,” he says.

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