Maine Towns Plan to Purchase Ladder Truck

Rumford (ME) selectmen are expected to approve of a joint purchase agreement for a 2008 ladder firetruck with Mexico.

Neither town has a reliable firetruck, which prompted a meeting to discuss a joint purchase. For may years, both towns have had a mutual-aid agreement for fire protection services.

The agreement allows for the shared cost of the purchase, to plan budgeting for future replacement and to share maintenance costs.

The purchase of a ladder/pumper truck will allow Rumford to reduce the amount of equipment it owns.

The purchase contract is with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus Inc. of Union Grove (AL) for a 2008 Pierce Aerial for $498,800.

Trade-ins are a 1990 E-One Aerial for $20,000 and a 1995 pumper-tanker for $40,000.

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