Apply for the Magirus 2016 International Firefighting Team of the Year Award


Around the world, fire brigades take on all types of challenges, willing to rescue others at the risk of their own lives. To celebrate these heroes, Magirus is once again looking for the “International Firefighting Team of the Year.” Submissions opened on July 2. Regardless of the conditions, equipment or structure of the fire departments, fire brigades from around the globe can apply for the renowned Conrad Dietrich Magirus award at The contest excludes fire departments from Magirus’ native Germany, where the brand holds a simultaneous national competition.

“The Conrad Dietrich Magirus award was launched to honour the valuable contributions of those who risk their lives for others every day – and who despite their courage and achievements, usually remain in the shadows,” says Tobias Knebel, Magirus Brand Press Manager. In addition to the “Oscars of the firefighting industry”, the winning team can look forward to an unforgettable trip to the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY). In 2016, the award will be co-sponsored by three renowned companies in the fire-fighting industry, ENDRESS Power Generators, DÖNGES and LUKAS/VETTER emergency equipment, who, together with Magirus, wish all applicants the best of luck at the beginning of the competition.

Participate and win a trip to New York!

The only requirement for contest entry is that fire departments submit a short report on a mission, including photos, by October 2. Regardless of its type–an action taken during an environmental catastrophe, a rescue of traffic accident victims or a more conventional firefighting operation–the mission must have taken place after October 1, 2015. The type, size or individual equipment of the fire department, plays no role in eligibility. After a preliminary decision by an international high-profile jury of professionals, the winners will be determined by online voting that is open to the global public. Magirus will invite the fire department teams with the most votes to attend the awards ceremony at its headquarters in Ulm, Germany.

At a one-of-a-kind gala event, the finalists and winners of both the international and national Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award will have the chance to meet and “talk shop” – a unique opportunity that doesn’t happen every day.

Last year, the Rio de Janeiro fire department from Brazil won the “2015 International Firefighting Team of the Year” title. The firefighters won for their submission of a successful mission to fight a major fire in one of Rio’s largest suburban shopping centres during Brazil’s world-famous Carnival. The fire departments of Isfahan, Iran and Istanbul, Turkey also made it into the top three.

About the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award

The Conrad Dietrich Magirus award was first announced in Germany in 2012 and has been organised at an international level since 2013. The competition is named for a pioneering firefighter, Conrad Dietrich Magirus, who remains a role model for those in the profession no matter where in the world they work. The Ulm-based firefighter set his sights on making the job safer for himself and his peers. One of his many revolutionary inventions was the “Ulm turntable ladder”, which attracted worldwide attention. He founded Magirus 150 years ago. The company continues to place the work of firefighters in the foreground and give them the special recognition they deserve with the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award.

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